Transfer to BPIC
Does your current certification body fully meet your expectations?

It is worth knowing that the change of a certification body can occur in any phase of the 3-year certification cycle.
If you want to get to know our offer, compare the offered costs of certification or expect a fresh look at your management system - please contact us.

Benefits resulting from cooperation with BPIC:
- the knowledge and experience that employed and cooperating BPIC staff has accumulated over many years of auditing companies in various sectors and of various sizes, give us the opportunity to help improve your management systems and achieve the full potential of your organization,

- BPIC's policies and principles indicate that we are a company that is an Organization to be trusted which provides a high standard of training and certification services.

By choosing to transfer to BPIC as a new certification body you can gain:
- experienced Auditors - focused on improving your organization,
- transparency of costs,
- a free transfer to BPIC, provided you have a valid certificate from another certification body,
- straightforward offers that do not contain any hidden costs.

BPIC does not charge clients for the costs of certificates or office costs.

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