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Dr Krystyna Stephens

After completing her doctorate in Chemistry and working in the chemical industry at Johnson Matthey PLC, in 1999 Dr. Krystyna Stephens started working at BSI (British Institute of Standardisation). In the first years at BSI she held various audit positions, whilst concurrently working around the world as a management systems trainer in various industries. The invaluable experience gathered enabled her to develop her career within management systems.

The growing interest in quality management systems in the Polish market, resulted in Dr Stephens being invitated to Poland as one of the first foreign experts and lecturers in this field, under the PHARE development programme. During this time, she started training future Polish quality management systems personnel.

Shortly afterwards, Dr Stephens established BSI ?s Polish office and ran it for 12 years. During this time, she introduced established BSI?s management system products as well as new product schemes to the Polish market place such greenhouse gas report verification and report verification/ evaluation for companies applying for certificates of origin from cogeneration in the energy sector.
Both these schemes were accredited by PCA (Polskie Centrum accreditation).
In 2008, Dr Stephens was promoted to the position of BSI? s Compliance and Risk Manager for Continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Compliance & Risk Manager, CEMEA). Whilst performing this function, she gained experience in managing BSI group of companies? quality management system in order to maintain their accreditations.



In December 2009, Dr Krystyna Stephens founded BPIC Sp. z o.o. and became its Chairman.
BPIC began operations in September 2009. A year later, it received PCA accreditation for the certification of quality management systems (No. AC-160). The company has its headquarters in Warsaw and a regional office in Toruń. In addition to certifying management systems for compliance with ISO standards, BPIC also deals with training both internal and external auditors to Lead auditor level. In order to extend its offering for customers, BPIC has signed a partnership agreement with AFNOR, the French certification body, and is now its sole representative in Poland.

BPIC is already enjoying its 10th-year anniversary, which was celebrated in July 2019.

Dr Krystyna Stephens is still working as the Chairman of BPIC, but due to her continuous enthusiasm for management systems, she also conducts audits and training in the areas of management system standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (I ISO 45001), ISO 22301 and ISO 50001 as well as sustainable biomass according to ISCC and REDCert programs.

In 2019, Dr Krystyna Stephens was awarded the Polish Quality Award in the category of "Outstanding Management Systems Manager" during the II National Polish Quality Award conference held in the National Chamber of Commerce.